Audrey C.

Photo of Jessica Argyle
Author: Jessica Argyle
Published: May 10, 2018

Hometown:  Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
Major:  Drafting Technology
Anticipated Graduation:  May 2018
Because of CWI:  “I was able to start my career.”

Providing for herself since the age of 18 and after spending years working in retail, Audrey reached a point when she knew it was time to start a career. Audrey admits she didn’t know what drafting was when she first started taking classes at College of Western Idaho (CWI), but felt like she would be good at it.

“I took an Intro to Engineering class in high school,” she said. “Because I enjoyed that class and did well in it, I thought I might enjoy drafting as well.”

A highlight of Audrey’s education at CWI was creating a 3D Nintendo Gameboy using design software and a 3D printer in her Machine Drafting and Design class. “It’s an actual 3D object that you can open up in the middle,” she said. “It has buttons, a battery, the cartridge holder… it’s really cool!”

Audrey has been working as a Drafting Assisting for Draftech, a residential design and drafting company in Eagle, Idaho, for the past year while finishing school. She says her instructors at CWI often shared job opportunities with her and her fellow classmates, which is how she heard about the position at Draftech.

“My instructor, Jo Greer, wrote a really nice recommendation letter for me. I got the job, on the spot, because of it!” she said. “Jo has made an impact on both my education and my life. Her knowledge in the drafting industry helped me understand what a job would really be like. She genuinely believes in every single one of her students. Without Jo, I would not have this amazing career!”

As a Drafting Assistant, Audrey helps design site plans, floor plans, and elevations, as well as prep construction documents for the company to submit to the city.

“I love working there! It’s the closest thing I have to family,” she said. “I get to see huge, gorgeous homes all the way through the design process. It’s like window shopping for my future house!”

Following graduation, Audrey will continue working at Draftech and wants to be an architect or an engineer someday. Eventually, she plans to continue her schooling in order to further develop her design skills.  

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