Student, Faculty and Staff Responsibilities

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To help the campus prepare for and respond to emergencies, faculty, staff, and students should do the following: 

Preparing for an emergency 

  • Confirm mobile phone numbers can receive CWI Alert messages.
  • Enter the phone number for CWI Security into their mobile phones (208-562-3333).
  • Annually review CWI's Emergency Handbook.
  • Inspect personal work areas (e.g., offices, classrooms, hallways, storage areas) for potential hazards.
  • Review and know evacuation routes and safe assembly areas for your building.
  • Be familiar with CWI Campus Safety and Security webpage:Campus Safety and Security
  • Participate in CWI emergency drills.
  • Develop personal and family preparedness plans and supplies for emergencies.
  • For staff and faculty members, confirm that offices and classrooms have a copy of the Emergency Handbook. If you do not have a copy, email ESH

Responding to an emergency

  • Notify Security of any threat to the campus.
  • Follow instructions sent through CWI Alert as well as instructions from building administrators/leads or floor captains, or other emergency responders (e.g., police, fire department)
  • If a building has been evacuated, do not reenter the building until official permission has been given
  • In an evacuation, follow instructions from building administrators/leads or floor captains, or other emergency responders (e.g., police fire department)

Additional faculty responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities described above, faculty members should also do the following:

  • Remind students to review evacuation maps on the first day of class, and note the location of the Emergency Handbook in the classroom.
  • Be familiar with the Evacuations Instructions guidelines:Evacuation Instructions
  • Be familiar with how to lock down each classroom in which you teach.
  • Be familiar with Active Shooter Response and review plan with class.
  • If a drill occurs during class, lead students during emergency drills and follow floor captains/security instructions.
  • If an emergency occurs during class, lead students in following instructions from CWI Alert.
  • If an evacuation occurs during class, report the information to the floor captain and remain with students until the evacuation is over.
  • If possible, consider contingency plans for how courses could be conducted if on-campus facilities are temporarily unavailable.

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