Mission & Vision

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College of Western Idaho is committed to empowering students to succeed by providing affordable and accessible education to advance the local and global workforce.


The College of Western Idaho will be a best-in-class community college that provides quality, affordable, and accessible education by delivering innovative and cost-effective programming that empowers students, leads to economic and social mobility, and meets evolving community needs.


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Core Themes

Themes StudentsStudent Success 

CWI values its students and is committed to supporting their success in reaching their educational and career goals.

  • Effective recruitment, including recruitment of underserved and special needs learner populations
  • Best practices in advisement, mentoring, and other forms of support—some tailored to specific needs groups, and all designed to help learners complete programs successfully
  • Costs that are affordable for students and their families
  • Means to guide students through clear, rational, cohesive programs that lead to attainment of education and career goals
  • Lifelong learning opportunities that promote continuing relationships with CWI
  • Best‐in‐class outcomes for degree and certificate completion, transfer rate, and career and life goal attainment

Themes InstructionalInstructional Excellence

CWI will provide the highest quality instructional programs, which help learners achieve their goals and that also help the community and region to prosper.

  • Talented faculty properly equipped to do their jobs with distinction
  • Close coordination with educational partners and employers in curriculum content and articulation
  • Advanced instructional technologies used well and wisely
  • Commitment to teaching not only on discipline content, but also critical thinking, learning, problem solving, and soft skills that are so essential to success
  • Experiential learning models that connect learning to community and careers
  • Co‐curricular activities that enhance the curriculum and extend learning
  • Best-in‐class outcomes in metrics measuring student, employer,  and community satisfaction with programs

Community connections iconsCommunity Connections

CWI will bring the College into the communities it serves in meaningful ways by providing a variety of educational and enrichment programs including partnerships for economic development and general community connections.

  • Faculty and student engagement in service learning and community service activities
  • Active communication with the community and involvement in cultural events, programming, and activities
  • Partnerships with businesses, economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, and institutions of higher education in the region
  • Regional economic development strategies that help support innovation and entrepreneurship services

Themes OrganizationalOrganizational Stewardship

CWI finds strength through its people and viability in its operations and infrastructure; therefore, the College will continually evaluate its organizational and financial health to ensure sustainability. This Core Theme addresses resources and organizational processes that enable the other Core Themes.

  • Financial stability and sustainability
  • Organizational agility, flexibility, responsiveness, and resilience
  • Creating and maintaining employee engagement
  • Commitment to cost‐efficiency within the limits required by equal commitment to quality learning processes and outcomes
  • Thoughtful utilization of scarce, costly resources including faculty time and facilities
  • Devotion to flexibility in the design of physical learning environments
  • Demonstrated commitment to environmental sustainability
  • Policy and operational compliance and careful management to honor all partnership commitments

Themes InclusiveInclusive Excellence

CWI will embrace the strengths created through diversity and will adopt and promote inclusiveness in its practices.

  • A student body and faculty that mirrors the community’s diversity of people and talents
  • A respectful culture that promotes inclusivity and belonging and provides a safe learning community honoring diverse perspectives and ideas
  • Effectiveness in telling the College’s stories and avidly promoting the accomplishments of its faculty, students, and communities.