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The College of Western Idaho is committed to promoting an understanding of and appreciation for the increasingly diverse backgrounds and beliefs of those who comprise the College community, as well as the larger community of which CWI is a part.

Mission: The committee for Inclusive Excellence works with students, faculty, staff, administrators and community partners to ensure that CWI is recognized for utilizing our differences to stimulate and encourage social justice, multicultural competence, and effective and engaged citizenship.  We are committed to ensuring access and fair treatment to historically underrepresented populations, and promote policies, programs, and actions that cultivate habits of inclusivity and equity.

CWI Strategic Goals/Vision on Diversity:

  • Create a college that is welcoming to diverse populations
  • Hire and retain a diverse workforce
  • Create environments for student learning that are inclusive of and sensitive to a diverse student population
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive diversity/inclusion communications plan

CWI Reacts to Antisemitic Activity in Boise 

The recent antisemitic vandalism that has occurred in Boise poses a concern for many within our CWI and extended community.  The College of Western Idaho and CWI’s Inclusive Excellence Committee would like to share our support of our students and employees impacted by these acts.  CWI has established a core value of Inclusive Excellence, and as an institution, we value diversity and building a community respectful of each member. 

However, these types of acts can be used to share our message of standing together to welcome students and employees from diverse backgrounds and in support of and in solidarity with our local Jewish students and staff.  

The committee encourages students and employees who need support to reach out to campus resources: 



Let’s all renew our commitment to be kind, to learn, to respect, and to be part of a positive, peaceful influence to all those around us. 

KTVB News story: Wassmuth Comments on Anti-Semitic Posters Found in Boise Neighborhoods Sunday Morning

Inclusive and Excellence committee: