The contents of this tab will include all major evaluations since your hire date, or previous promotion. Note: You may want to refer to your previous annual Strengths Based Coaching reports in order to create the faculty narrative of the Summative Evaluation, but these are not included in your promotion portfolio.

Pre-2016 Formal evaluations – include all Pre-2016 formal evaluations from your last promotion or hire date (not including “coaching sessions”). The last of these evaluations should have taken place in FY 2014 and they are housed in WingSpan. You can contact Human Resources for help locating the signed copy with comments of both the employee and direct supervisor. For employees hired 2015 and later you will not have the older version of the faculty evaluation.

Summative evaluation – this evaluation will happen at least once every 5 years or the semester before promotion. With the promotion cycle of CWI we will require that the faculty member and their direct supervisor complete the summative evaluation in the fall semester prior to promotion cycle. The time frame for this evaluation will begin from your hire date, your last promotion, or your last 5 Year Summative Evaluation. The summative refers to information in an updated FPAR.

Dean evaluation - When an Associate Professor takes on rank responsibilities at the school level, goal setting and communication with the school’s dean is an important step in this new role and as a Full Professor. The Dean Evaluation has two portions that span a 5 year period.

Part One: Goal Setting - Starting in the first year of rank at Associate Professor, the faculty member meets with their dean every five years for a formative conversation about the faculty member’s strengths and interests and how those can contribute to initiatives in their school. Those goals are agreed upon and recorded below, as well as in the FPAR. These goals may be amended with additional meetings over the five-year period.

Part Two: Evaluation - When an Associate Professor is preparing for promotion to Full Professor, and for subsequent 5 year Summative Evaluations, the faculty member participates in the evaluation with their dean. The evaluation is focused on the faculty member’s contribution to school initiatives.