Activity Recommended/Required Formal Due Date
Confirm that “Faculty Promotions” is listed in your myCWI committees Required  
Attend fall inservice FAQ meeting Recommended  
Determine if you are eligible—confirm number of semesters taught with your direct supervisor who has access to the Seniority and Promotion Timeline Required  
Confer with supervisors regarding readiness Recommended  
Complete FT Faculty Evaluation and Promotion Quiz with a 90% minimum Required Last Thursday of September
Submit Letter of Intent to FPC Chair Required Last Friday of September
Schedule a teaching observation Required Observation must be completed by Summative Evaluation meeting.
Complete and submit the faculty portion of the Summative Evaluation. Consult with supervisor to agree upon a submission due date. Required Summative evaluation must be submitted to supervisor by agreed upon date.
Schedule date for submitting FPAR to your supervisor for signing. The FPAR must be submitted prior to the supervisor completing their portion of the Summative Evaluation. Required FPAR must be submitted by agreed upon date.
Schedule date for reviewing the supervisor portion of the Summative Evaluation Required Meeting must occur by agreed upon date.
Review Professional Documents
Faculty Rank Descriptions
Promotion Rubrics
Example Portfolios
Begin Promotion Portfolio preparation
  • Cover Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Faculty Evaluations
  • Review past Strengths Based Coaching forms,but do not include in Portfolio
  • Summative Evaluation
  • Dean Evaluation—submitted with Full Professor portfolios starting 2025
  • Student Evaluations
  • FPAR