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What the Tutoring Center Does

Our main goal is to help students to develop their own problem solving skills they can use in any situation.

  • We engage students in their education. Our tutors are experienced in asking questions that can prompt students to find solutions on their own.
  • We help students build tools to help them learn to fix their own mistakes and talk with writers about patterns of error.
  • We do not give answers or help with anything labeled quiz or test.

How to Make the Tutoring Center a Part of Your Class

Embedded Tutor

Due to tutoring’s current staffing challenges, we are not able to accept embedded tutoring requests for Spring 2022 semester.  

We will be embedding tutors in a limited capacity based upon the results of our embedded tutor data analysis.  

If you would like to learn about other ways tutors can support your students, we’d be happy to work with you! CWI tutors will still be available by appointment and limited drop-in, and we’ll still be providing 24/7 access to Tutor.com through Blackboard. Please contact your discipline-specific supervisor if you have questions. 

If you’d like to help us expand our team, we accept referrals of potential tutors at any time.  

Classroom Visits

If you would like your class to utilize the services of the Writing Center, we suggest hosting a classroom presentation. One of our consultants or the Coordinator will visit your class and give a short presentation about the Tutoring and Writing Center. Your students are more likely to visit the Tutoring Center after seeing one of our presentations and being introduced to our services. Alternatively, show our intro videos to your class—they are available on this site in the sidebar.

To arrange a visit please email us at tutoring@cwi.edu 

Link to Us

Please include our website address and resources on your assignment sheet and in your Blackboard materials. Students can schedule an appointment online. 

Student Proof your Assignments

We would be happy to give feedback for fine-tuning student assessments so they are interpreted the way you want.

We can assist with the Video Lab (NCAB 209E) for creating videos or online classes.

Contact Us

Email: tutoring@cwi.edu