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Each semester a variety of departments at the College of Western Idaho offer free workshops to CWI students.  These workshops are an opportunity for students to enhance their learning and to focus on skills that will help you succeed in college and beyond! Check with your instructors, as some instructors may give you extra credit for participating in these workshops!


Facilitated by CWI’s Tutoring Services staff, these workshops will help you to enhance the skills necessary for the demands needed to succeed in the classroom. Discussions will cover regular, hybrid, and online course sections. Many of our workshops are facilitated by student tutors allowing you to gain a perspective that’s unique to your peers. Our workshops are collaborative in nature so participation will be highly encouraged. Workshop sessions typically last for 60 minutes, and you will have an opportunity to critique the session and presenter.

Topics include:

  • Computer Essentials for Students
  • Blackboard Navigation and Technology Tools
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Study Skills Strategies
  • Note taking Strategies for the Classroom
  • Critical Reading Techniques
  • Memorization Techniques
  • Test Preparation & Test Taking Strategies
  • Test Anxiety Reduction Techniques
  • Final Exam Preparation Strategies
  • APA/MLA Formatting

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