The Guidebook is currently in review and will be updated to reflect current guidance as soon as possible.

Meticulous personal hygiene is essential to prevent the spread of the disease. This section explores how you can best keep yourself safe.

We’ll explore guidelines for masks and other personal protective equipment, physical distancing, self-screening, and what to do if you...

CWI is taking every precaution to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Campus measures have been updated and learn about campus upgrades to help ensure a safe environment on campus. Some high-traffic, high-touch sites will have specific physical distancing and hygiene rules. 


This section outlines important information for CWI employees, including mask requirements, guidelines for working remotely and working on-site, rules for meetings and other gatherings, and more.

This section outlines important information for faculty, including teaching safety guidelines, information about teaching online and in-person, standard operating procedures for specific departments, and more.

All CWI employees must adhere to the Return to Work Standard Operating Procedures to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission to members of our CWI ...

Learn about COVID-19 cleaning procedures and ventilation and maintenance protocols.

CWI is taking every precaution to keep students, faculty, and staff safe, including the steps outlined in this section. The following information is helpful for those who are interested in ...

CWI Security is committed to promoting and maintaining an environment where individual and institutional responsibility combine to promote a culture of safety and security. This requires the participation of all members of the campus community 

Discover additional resources to help manage your general and mental health, as well as helpful links.

    General Health Resources 

    Includes standard operating procedures.