Important Proctoring Information

Student Responsibilities

Distance Proctor

  • It is the student’s responsibility to find a proctor. If a student is unable to find a qualified proctor, they may contact Testing Services for suggestions.
  • All distant proctors must be approved prior to testing. For proctor approval, submit the CWI Distance Test Proctor Request Form (DTPRF).
    • Please allow up to 48 business hours for processing once we receive your request.
    • If your request is received after normal business hours, your request will be treated as being received the next business day
  • Please submit a new DTPRF form a minimum of two business days prior to your appointment for EACH exam needing to be proctored elsewhere.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to contact the proctor and set up exam appointments.
  • The student is responsible for any fees incurred for testing at an off-campus location.
    • Fees are not reimbursed by CWI
  • All proctors require valid, government-issued ID in order to test (such as a driver's license, state identification card, or passport booklet). Please verify with your proctor what will be required and have it ready at their request. Some outside institutions or entities may not accept a CWI Student ID Card.

Proctor Responsibilities

  • A proctor must be willing to certify that they will follow the exam instructions and that they do not know the student personally or professionally.
  • Verify the identity of the student with a valid government issued or CWI student identification prior to every exam.
  • Students without proper identification must be turned away.
  • Ensure no unauthorized materials or websites will be accessed during the exam. If these items are discovered, the exam should be ended and CWI Testing Services should be contacted.
  • Monitor the student during the duration of the exam.
  • The student must work independently and is only allowed to use materials listed under Allowed Materials.
  • Secure exam information and do not pass any exam information to another proctoring location outside of your institution.
  • Upon completion, THE PROCTOR will return a Test Verification Form, all scratch paper, and the exam by email
    • Test Verification form will be sent to the proctor once they have been approved.
  • The student should not be in possession of the exam at any time.

Proctor Qualifications

Personal friends, family members, and co-workers are not approved proctors.

You will be expected to test at a testing center unless there is not one within 20 miles of your location. In that event, we may approve one of the following positions. If we find a testing center nearby, we may refer you to them instead of the proctor you chose.

  • College or university
    • Dean
    • Department Head
    • Counseling Center
  • Private or public school
    • Superintendent
    • Principal
    • Department Head
    • Counselor
  • City, county, etc.
    • Certified Librarian at a local Library
    • United States Armed Forces Educational Services Officer