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Multicultural Nursing Assistant class

Two nursing students practicing taking blood pressureMulticultural Nursing Assistant flyer Oct. 4, 2022 Start

Are you interested in entry-level training in the medical field, learning how to care for those who can not take care of themselves? Is English your second language? This special nursing assistant class will provide English support while you learn nursing skills and work toward your Nursing Assistant Certification.

EVS Class with English Support

Two students and one instructor laughing at a table

An Environmental Services Technician (EVS Tech) keeps hospitals safe and clean. These skilled technicians clean and disinfect all areas of the hospital. They are trained to safely collect, store, and dispose of hazardous materials. EVS technicians are a very important part of caring for patients and their families in hospitals and clinics. This class provides English support.

EVS Pre-apprenticeship flyer June 14, New Start

Digital Skills

Digital Skills 1

Learn basic computer skills and vocabulary.

Digital Skills 2

Learn typing skills and Google Apps.

Digital Skills 3

Learn how to find information online and create presentations and other documents using Google Apps.

Digital Skills flyer Classes begin every 8 weeks

Apple Classes

Instructor helping student with paperApple Digital Creativity

Create photo, video, audio, and drawing projects for personal or professional use using an iPad.

Apple Applications

Learn to use Numbers, keynote, Pages, GarageBand, and Xcode as well as computer coding concepts on a MacBook.

Apple Swift Programming

Learn Apple’s Swift coding language to develop mobile applications

Apple Application Classes flyer August 21, 2022 Start

Bridge to English 101

Prepare for English 101 with help in academic writing, critical reading, digital skills, and finding college resources to help you achieve success in college.

ESL Bridge to English 101 Class flyer August 22, 2022 Start


CWI COVID-19 Update 

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