Transportation Management - new enrollment suspended

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CWI has suspended new enrollment for the Transportation Management program pending a thorough program evaluation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any questions please contact COURTNEY SANTILLAN at 208.562.3153.

College of Western Idaho's (CWI) Transportation Management degree incorporates portions of CWI's Professional Truck Driving program and the College's Associate of Arts degree in Business. This degree combines the training and attainment of a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) with business courses, allowing students to earn an Associate of Arts degree in Transportation Management at CWI and subsequently transfer to a four-year university to study business with a focus on serving in the transportation industry. Through an existing articulation agreement with Boise State University, transfer students are able to continue their education and pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Business.

The industry has identified a need for an advanced education option to better prepare its workforce for the changing demands of the shipping and transportation industry. This program was designed to help fill that void.

This degree will provide opportunities for those currently in the trucking industry, allowing them to enter into the program and upgrade their skills. By combining business courses with a completed certificate in Professional Truck Driving, the incumbent workforce will also have the opportunity to train for higher-paying and more highly skilled jobs within the transportation industry.

Meeting with a CWI business advisor prior to enrolling in courses is critical to accommodate students' goals.


The Associate of Arts degree in Transportation Management creates opportunities for students to combine a business education with a completed certificate from Professional Truck Driving. The program is designed to allow students to work towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Business.

Why This Program

- Learn important aspects of business related to the transportation industry
- Transfer easily to a bachelor's degree
- Utilize your transportation experience, while upgrading skills and expanding advancement opportunities
- Train for higher-paying, more highly skilled jobs within the transportation industry
- Access a wide variety of transportation industry jobs
- Prepare for advancement opportunities in related fields

Additional Opportunities

This course will provide skills needed for overall knowledge and understanding of many aspects of the transportation industry. Opportunities and financial security are limitless. Demand is high for well qualified individuals in the transportation industry.

Respectful Community

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