Zooming Her Best Life

Maia Kelley, Assistant Professor of Math, working from home dressed as Rosie the Riveter
April 24, 2020

Maia Kelley, Assistant Professor of Math, has been making the most of working remotely by coming up with a new Zoom theme every day for the last three weeks.

“The first couple days I did this, it was just a lark to keep myself amused,” she said. 

Before she knew it, Kelley’s Zoom themes were growing in popularity.

“I didn’t intend to do it more than a time or two, but then the screenshots I posted on social media got a lot of interactions from friends and family – some saying they were starting to look forward to it each day.”

Themes have included:

  • Abe Lincoln at Gettysburg
  • A conspiracy theorist with a conspiracy theory background
  • A construction worker at a construction site
  • Cowpoke in the Old West
  • Elmer Fudd on Looney Tunes
  • Heat Miser with Cold Miser
  • Joker at the Arkham Asylum
  • Lance Armstrong at the Tour de France
  • Nemo in the ocean
  • Oliver Hardy with Stan Laurel
  • A quarterback on a football field
  • Robin Hood in a forest
  • Rosie the Riveter’s We Can Do It
  • A wizard in a magic laboratory
  • Zorro with a Z background

Kelley calls these her “Zoom Moods” and rightly so as they are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face during these crazy times.

“Things aren’t easy right now. If seeing my buffoonery gives someone a chuckle for a minute, then they are certainly worth my time to assemble.”

Because her interaction with students is mostly via email or Blackboard’s Collaborate, Kelley sends a summary of all her Zoom Moods from the past week to her students every Monday.

“It’s actually caused a few students who had previously been quiet to respond and update me on how they’re doing. Those who do meet with me get to see me wearing a weird hat with no context which is probably entertaining in a different way. So, again, worth my time.”

Kelley’s colleagues are now joining in on the fun sharing their wig and hat stashes with her.

“This could last a while – consider yourselves warned!”