Upgrade U.O Launches Second Year

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March 4, 2016

Upgrade U.0 [you-point-oh!], the college-wide marketing campaign, is set to launch into its second year! After receiving valuable feedback from target audiences; tweaks have been made, a refresh of the creative elements has been applied, and the recruitment campaign is on its way! Upgrade U.0 focuses on connecting people to life upgrades achievable through higher education. Upgrade U.0 plays off the constant technology upgrades promoted to people every day.  Who doesn’t want “the latest-and-greatest?” From new technology to better equipment and faster processes, it seems the focus is always on what’s next; but despite a desire for constant upgrades of the material gadgets in our lives, we often neglect the personal knowledge upgrades we need to stay sharp and marketable. CWI’s Upgrade U.0 campaign, uses familiar technology lingo as a way to communicate the benefits of college.

Once all production of the various media is finalized, files will be loaded onto myCWI under the Communications and Marketing tab, Current Marketing.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Upgrade U.0 campaign, visit www.collegeofU.com or feel free to contact Marketing and Advancement at x23100.