Upgrade U.0 Campaign Unveiled by College of Western Idaho

Published: March 6, 2015

College of Western Idaho has launched a new college-wide marketing campaign – Upgrade U.0 [you-point-oh!], which focuses on connecting people to life upgrades achievable through higher education. Upgrade U.0 plays off the constant technology upgrades promoted to people every day.  Who doesn’t want “the latest-and-greatest?” From new technology to better equipment and faster processes, it seems the focus is always on what’s next; but despite a desire for constant upgrades of the material gadgets in our lives, we often neglect the personal knowledge upgrades we need to stay sharp and marketable. CWI’s Upgrade U.0 campaign uses familiar technology lingo as a way to communicate the benefits of college.

The people illustrations in the campaign represent CWI student personas who are benefiting from “upgrades” at CWI. From a student graduating high school unsure of his future, to a recent graduate with a long road of college ahead, to an older adult looking to update her skills in support of a career change; CWI connects with the “you” of now and offers an Upgrade U.0 – the new version of you.

The messages speak to those interested in earning an associate degree, a professional certificate, or targeted training courses to improve specific skills. Some of the campaign’s new taglines include:

  • Boost Your Knowledge
  • Power Your Potential
  • Recharge Your Career

CWI is built upon the idea of serving students who take an active role in this idea of personal upgrades. It should come as no surprise; after all, community colleges are open access, inclusive, and market driven. The very nature of a community college lends well to serving a melting pot of diverse individuals gathering to complete extraordinary journeys and upgrade their lives.

With tuition nearly half the cost of public four-year universities and a third the price of private institutions, an upgrade at CWI is a great value. For people still searching for direction the cost makes it an ideal environment for discovery. Whether transferring to another college or into a career, CWI is the smart way to upgrade.

For more information on your personal Upgrade U.0 visit www.collegeofU.com.

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