SUNY Oswego's Visit to CWI Highlights Groundbreaking Micron Partnership

Published: May 23, 2024

Education is at its best when it fosters collaboration and innovation. This sentiment was exemplified on May 22, as leadership from SUNY Oswego visited the College of Western Idaho (CWI) to delve into the impressive partnership between CWI and Micron Technology, Inc. This visit not only underscored a shared commitment to advancing educational and career opportunities but also highlighted the transformative potential of industry-academic partnerships.

Exploring the Micron Registered Apprenticeship Program

During their visit, SUNY Oswego's President and Vice President for Academic Affairs toured CWI's state-of-the-art Mechatronics lab. This facility is the cornerstone of the Micron Registered Apprenticeship Program, a dynamic initiative made possible through the cooperative efforts of CWI, Micron, and the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance. The program is designed to provide students with hands-on experience, equipping them with industry-relevant skills that lead directly to rewarding careers in technology and manufacturing.

Micron's Unwavering Support for Education and Innovation

Micron Technology has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to supporting education and technological advancement. The company's investments are not limited to Boise, where they are building a $15 billion semiconductor manufacturing fab, but extend to Clay, New York, where they are building a megafab with $6.1 billion in federal funding from the CHIPS and Science Act. These projects reflect Micron's dedication to creating educational and career pathways for the next generation of tech professionals.

A Commitment to Student Success

The visit from SUNY Oswego signifies more than just an academic exchange; it represents a shared vision of providing students with unparalleled opportunities. CWI's partnership with Micron is a testament to the power of collaboration in fostering environments where students can thrive. By integrating practical training with academic excellence, CWI is paving the way for students to gain the skills needed in today's fast-evolving job market.

For more information on the partnership between CWI and Micron Technology, Inc., and to explore the opportunities within the Advanced Mechatronics Engineering Technology program, visit our program page.

Advanced Mechatronics Engineering Technology

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