Six-Time National Champions

Published: March 23, 2018

The 2017-18 College of Western Idaho (CWI) Speech and Debate team finished their competitive season with a community college national championship at the Pi Kappa Delta (PKD) National Comprehensive Tournament.

The tournament, held in Nashville at Tennessee State University March 14-17, featured 82 schools competing from across the United States. CWI’s championship win among two-year schools marks the team’s sixth in the last eight seasons (2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2018).

Thirteen students represented the College, with eleven participating in a national tournament for the first time. Over four days of competition rounds, the competitors secured a total of two team and thirteen individual awards across speech and debate events. Among individual awards, Alex Watt won the tournament championship in Novice IPDA debate, a first for a CWI student.

Director of Forensics, Jim Gatfield, and team member, Sarah Darby, presented the national championship plaque to President Glandon during the CWI Board of Trustee meeting Tuesday, March 20.

“It’s truly an unreal experience. It’s days of stress and uncertainty on how well you’re doing, but when you hear College of Western Idaho called out over the intercom, it’s a sense of not only relief but overwhelming proudness for showing that a little community college in Idaho can make such an impact in the forensics community.” – Adrianna Davis

“The pride I feel in representing our school and the things taught to me not just by our coaches, but also other faculty, give me confidence in moving forward. Whether it’s economics, political theory, biology, or communications; each thing I learned from different faculty members allowed me to push and become a national champion.” – Kevin Trombly

"From a person that was so skeptical about joining the team in the first place, I'm so proud of everyone and what they accomplished. Not only did we grow as a team and competitors, but we grew as people. I think this title shows how hard this team has worked this season. I'm super grateful to be a part of it and to be able to grow from the experience!” – Delaney Hardin

“I got to see speeches crafted with soul and experience the art of debate and limited prep events. I feel pride and honor knowing this team contributes to the forensics world and is ranked so highly.” – Marley Dawson

Pi Kappa Delta National Comprehensive Tournament Results:

Team Results

In Community College Division
Overall Sweepstakes National Champions

Ranked against all schools (two- and four-year)
8th place in debate sweepstakes

Speech Awards

Editorial Impromptu
Gold – Kevin Trombly

Extemporaneous Speaking
Silver – Bryce Funkhauser

Impromptu Speaking
Silver – Robert Herold

Informative Speaking
Silver – Robert Herold

Silver – Kevin Trombly

Debate Awards

Junior IDPA
Octofinalist – Katie Newcomer
4th Overall Speaker – Katie Newcomer

Novice IPDA
Overall Tournament Champion – Alex Watt
Quarter Finalist – Izzy Stoddard
Quarter Finalist – Kevin Trombly
Silver Excellence Award – Sarah Darby
Top Overall Speaker – Izzy Stoddard
10th Overall Speaker – Alex Watt

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