Safety Training at CWI Micron Center - Wednesday Evening

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January 6, 2016

Safety Training for Active Shooter Response to be Held on College of Western Idaho Campus. 

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, local law enforcement and emergency response agencies will conduct active shooter response training at the College of Western Idaho (CWI) Nampa Campus Micron Center for Professional Technical Education. The location of the training is at 5725 E. Franklin Road in Nampa, near the corner of Idaho Center Blvd. and Franklin Road.

The training will be held at 6 p.m. following the closing of the building. Exercises will be conducted privately by training teams and volunteers. The building will be closed to the public during this time.

“Our staff has conducted active shooter training at various public locations including schools,” notes Sgt. Jason Cantrell. “We believe that continued training with entities like CWI are critical for public safety. This collaborative training exercise helps prepare our staff and the college for a potential incident response that may develop.”

CWI currently occupies 14 buildings between Boise and Nampa, with several additional community locations where classes are held. Each year nearly 20,000 students attend CWI.

“Campus safety is a top priority for everyone at CWI,” says CWI President Bert Glandon. “With recent incidents that have taken place across the country, we are continuing to participate in training exercises to help ensure a safe campus. We are so grateful to our local law enforcement for their support in our protection efforts.”

Media access and interviews will be available following the training.

Please contact Lt. Ramirez, Nampa Police Department, at 208.468.5615 or Jennifer Couch, CWI, at 208.562.3508 for scheduling.


Jennifer Couch
College of Western Idaho
(208) 562-3508

Lieutenant J. Ramirez
Nampa Police
(208) 468-5615


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