Potential to Grow Scholarship Drive

Published: December 13, 2013

The College of Western Idaho (CWI) Advancement and Foundation teams are launching a Potential to Grow Scholarship drive. The drive is aimed at increasing the amount of funds the College has available to support students next fall and will run now through February.

Scholarship funds are important to the success of CWI students and have helped hundreds achieve educational goals that would not have otherwise been accessible. Last year the College had more than 4,000 students apply for CWI Foundation scholarships and CWI awarded 331 totaling $230,000. This need is expected to continue to increase as 72 percent of the student population receives some form of financial aid.

A variety of marketing activities will be occurring over the next month to support the drive including targeted phone calls and mailings, and mass promotion in a few key media markets.

How can you help?

  • Spread the word to everyone you know
  • Let the Advancement staff or Foundation know if a personal call or visit can be made to someone,
  • Personally contribute to the fund,
  • Simply let Advancement or the Foundation know about other opportunities to spread the word.

A special web page has been established at cwi.edu/opendoors.

Thank you for your continued support of CWI students!

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