Nursing Chair Participates in National Webinar

Published: October 28, 2020

College of Western Idaho (CWI) Department Chair of Nursing, Allison Baker, participated as a panelist during a webinar hosted Oct. 15, 2020, by the American Journal of Nursing and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). 

Baker, joining panelists, Madelyn Bodin, a Nursing student from The University of Iowa; Michelle Buck, a Senior Policy Advisor at NCSBN; and Carrie McDermott, from Emory Health Care, had the opportunity to share how CWI’s Nursing department has taken advantage of a recent shift in fulfillment of clinical hours for students.

“Clinical hours are critical in nursing programs and allow students to apply the theory they learn in class and apply it to real-world situations,” said Baker. “Our students are required to complete 400 clinical hours in order to graduate.”

This past spring, due to COVID-19, many of CWI’s Nursing students were removed from clinical opportunities. To offset this, the Idaho Board of Nursing offered an option for students to fulfill clinical hours working as a Nurse Apprentice or with a New Graduate Temporary License.

“As missing clinical hours is detrimental to meeting program and course outcomes, this was a great alternative for our students to fulfill the clinical hours required to successfully complete the program and graduate this past spring,” added Baker.

The webinar, “Practice/Academic Partnerships in the Age of COVID: You Can Do This!”, was viewed by nearly 1,000 educators and individuals from private practices from across the United States.

Watch the Webinar:  "Practice/Academic Partnerships in the Age of COVID: You Can Do This!"

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