McIntier Named November 2023 Faculty of Distinction

Published: December 11, 2023

Congratulations to Instructor of Chemistry, Emily McIntier, who was named College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) Faculty of Distinction for November 2023.

McIntier has been part of the CWI community for the last three years where she has taught Introduction to Chemistry (CHEM 101), General Chemistry I (CHEM 111), and Math Skills for Chemistry (CHEM 190) courses and led Introduction to Chemistry (CHEM 101L) and General Chemistry I (CHEM 112L) labs.

For McIntier, teaching is more than just delivering lectures; it's about sharing the excitement and wonder of chemistry to inspire students to appreciate its beauty and relevance in the real world. She sees teaching as a unique opportunity to positively influence the lives of her students by passing on knowledge, critical thinking skills, and a passion for learning.

“I hope to empower my students to succeed academically and in their future careers,” said McIntier.

McIntier teaches at CWI because of its academic programs and pathways for students to shape their future careers. She enjoys helping students connect and benefit from internships, scholarships, research opportunities, and partnerships with local companies, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges of the professional world.

“CWI goes above and beyond supporting students before, during, and after their time there.”

Some of McIntier’s cherished memories at the College are the "aha" moments in teaching, where students may be struggling with content one day and then the next they are able to overcome their difficulties and proclaim, "I get it now!" These moments signify more than just academic achievement for McIntier – they represent a transformation in the student's perception of their capabilities. Witnessing these breakthroughs is a gratifying aspect of teaching that stays with McIntier and reinforces the idea that learning is a dynamic and personal journey.

McIntier’s dedication to students and helping them achieve success is apparent to those around the College. Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Mike Fisher, has called McIntier a “constant innovator” who revolutionized the student experience within the chemistry curriculum, consistently improving it along the way and viewing it through a student-centered viewpoint.

“She is inclusive and crafts her courses toward a variety of learners, life histories, and life circumstances,” said Fisher. “She adds accessibility to rigor and elevates students toward future success. Emily is found tutoring individuals as often as she is found brewing a broad course that can be used by other instructors.”

“Because of CWI I have a community that embraces learning and being the best you that you can be,” said McIntier. “My colleagues are incredibly supportive of my efforts and my students seem to put up with me too! Because of CWI, I can share the wonder of chemistry with anyone to make it relatable, memorable, and, most importantly, achievable.”

McIntier holds a Master of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, both earned at Boise State University. Prior to CWI, she has had professional experiences in the food industry, ranging from the sugar beet factory to roles in Research and Development and Quality Assurance.

Outside of the College, McIntier enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids that keep them young and active. She also loves to cook and eat her kitchen creations.

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