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CWI Impact - Brendan Keating Tribute

Published: June 26, 2015

Sometimes we take for granted the impact we make in someone’s life. College of Western Idaho (CWI) faculty and staff all have the opportunity to positively change students’ lives, but one instructor undoubtedly took that ability to another level. CWI Basic Skills instructor Brendan Keating touched every person he met in some way. When the community suddenly lost his touch in early May, Brendan’s family established a way for his legacy to continue at CWI.

Brendan primarily taught math to GED-seeking students at CWI's Canyon County Center. Coworkers, friends and students all say he had a true gift for inspiring them to succeed; personally and professionally.

“He could break down the most challenging concepts into elemental steps in a way that students who had previously struggled could readily understand.” – Valerie Stacey, CWI Basic Skilled Education Supervisor

“His impact on me was huge. He would always tell me; take your time, focus and believe in yourself. I use (his words) not only for math, I use them now for every class.” – Vinkas Hodge, GED Student

“His dedication to his students and coworkers was unparalleled. Many students told me they wouldn't have succeeded without Brendan's support.” – Scott Barron, CWI Tutoring Services Supervisor

Along with the ability to inspire people, Brendan was known to pay for GED testing for students who could not afford it. His family asked that donations in his memory be made to the CWI Foundation GED Testing Fund. The response has been remarkable. Donations so far will help at least 12 future students pay for their testing.

“I cannot put into words how much comfort I find in knowing that my brother was held in such high regard and impacted the lives of his students,” Kara Copeland, Brendan’s sister, said. “Brendan would be so touched by the show of support to a cause he cared so deeply about.”

To learn more about Brendan’s impact and help continue his legacy, click here.

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