Horticulture Program Hosts Career Day

Published: February 24, 2017

The College of Western Idaho (CWI) Horticulture program welcomed 20 horticulture and landscape industry employers to campus on Feb. 10 as part of the program’s Career Day event. Employers met with students in a semi-formal setting for three hours with the goal of finding student interns and well-qualified employees.

“It is great to come back to the program I graduated from and meet so many great students,” shared Mikel Kyle, CWI Horticulture program graduate and co-owner of LuckE 13 Landscapes. “Finding skilled employees is so important for my business. The Horticulture program does a great job of preparing their students to contribute to our industry at a high level.”

The students were able to network with industry professionals and find jobs and internships that that will keep them busy throughout summer. Several students have already followed-up and are securing internships and employment.

“The opportunity to meet so many successful professionals was awesome,” added CWI Horticulture student, Graham Knight. “It really puts the role the Horticulture Program serves by graduating quality students into the industry.”

“We really appreciate the industry support. Many of our students have successfully found jobs and internships through Career Day,” says CWI Horticulture instructor, Dan Schults. “It’s also exciting to see so many former students coming back now as successful professionals.”

The Career Day event is held annually and is open to the public. Please check the CWI Horticulture webpage for more information regarding the Horticulture Technology program. To stay connected with the CWI Horticulture, please email Dan Schults at danschults@cwi.edu  to request a subscription to the CWI Horticulture Program Newsletter, Arbor, Forb and Flora.

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