Faculty of Distinction—January 2019

Published: April 11, 2019

Reggie Jayne has been named College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) Faculty of Distinction for January 2019. Jayne, an Associate Professor of History and a proud community college graduate, has been with the College since 2008 as part of the founding faculty. In addition to his teaching duties, he serves as Chair of the Liberal Arts Degree and Financial Aid Appeals Committees. He is also a member of the Blackboard Super-user group and Library Advisory Committee. Over the past decade, he has served in multiple capacities and roles and on scores of committees and work-groups across the College.

Outside the College, he is serving as Chair of the Canyon County Historic Preservation Commission which assists Canyon County Commissioners with the selection and awarding of preservation grants. Recently he was invited to serve as the founding Scoutmaster for Scouts BSA Girls Troop 132.

“I believe in being an active and involved member of my community,” Jayne said. “As a member of the faculty at a community college, I think it’s important I am an active, visible, and involved participant of that community.”

Jayne holds an A.A. from Lone Star Community College, a B.S. from the University of Houston-Downtown, an M.A. from Sam Houston State University, and is approaching the completion of his Ph.D. in Humanities and History from Faulkner University. His current research efforts focus on the life of Mortimer J. Adler and the Great Books movement. Some of his work was recently selected for publication in the Fourth World Journal.

He loves working at a community college because he is the product of a community college education. After failing out of high school, he reports he had no inclination toward academics. Just before turning 30, out of work and money, he suddenly “felt an inexplicable pull” to go into his local community college and sign up for courses. The faculty at Lone Star College changed his life. Jayne hopes his teaching efforts can connect with students in the same way community college faculty connected with him.

“I was awed by the way my faculty approached the classroom with different backgrounds and methods. They inspired me and served as my mentors.”

Jayne and his spouse, Jennifer, and five children, live in Meridian. He is excited that his children will soon be able to take courses with CWI faculty and get started on navigating their own dreams.

“As an educator and academic, I am certain that CWI is the place where I want my kids to go! I know CWI faculty will take an individual interest in them and work with them to achieve their dreams and goals just like the faculty at Lone Star Community College did for me.”

Please join us in congratulating Reggie!

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