EmpowerMe Brings Student Leaders Together at CWI

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September 29, 2015

Every school year brings with it new educational aspirations, both inside and outside the classroom. This year brought something new for student leaders at College of Western Idaho (CWI); the EmpowerMe Student Leadership Workshop. The workshop provided an opportunity for leadership discovery and discussion with peers and College administrators. Facilitated through the CWI Student Life office, over seventy-five students took the opportunity to discover and develop their leadership abilities while learning how they can apply it to their CWI student experience.

The workshop featured a presentation on student success and a special presentation by CWI Trustee, Emily Walton. Students participated in activities and discussions that explored their purpose, helped them to realize their potential, and to ultimately disrupt for good. The leadership workshop touched on ideas behind inspiring and connecting a group through a common passion. Students discussed how leadership can be an everyday experience through simple yet often overlooked acts that may have a profound impact on another person or even a community.

“This isn’t a workshop designed to be a ‘teach-all-do-all’ in one day,” says CWI Student Life Coordinator, Hing Potter. “My hope is that students will either begin or even progress forward in their leadership abilities by learning, re-learning, being inspired, or re-inspired from within or through others.”

Guest speakers included CWI staff from various departments who presented how their areas support students in their leadership journey through the resources they offer. Assistant Dean of Enrollment and Student Services, Dr. Eric Studebaker, highlighted what “T.R.U.E.” leadership looks like and how it can be applied across CWI. EmpowerMe was capped with heartfelt presentation by Trustee Walton, who spoke of her experience as a non-traditional student at Boise State University that got involved as a student government officer, joined clubs, and explored student life. She shared how her involvement connected her with a broad range of people and opportunities that have led to her personal success.

Following the workshop students expressed feeling an increased connection with each other as well as with the CWI campus community.  “Today’s workshop was awesome,” said Jacqueline Correnti. Mokoma Musa also shared “[it was] one of the most engaging leadership meetings that I've ever been at.”

“The event was awesome," Potter adds. "I truly appreciated the students coming out to EmpowerMe for their own success.”