Early Childhood Education Spends Day at Capitol for Early Learning Day

Published: February 10, 2023

College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) Early Childhood Education (ECED) faculty joined Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children (AEYC) and other educators around the state for Early Learning Day at the State Capitol on Monday, Feb. 6.

Idaho AEYC is the state affiliate to National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) which is the body that accredits the lab school located at the Nampa Campus Multipurpose Building (NCMP). NAEYC also puts forward the professional development standards that guide the learning outcomes for students enrolled in the College’s ECED courses.

Faculty were able to meet and chat with Idaho lawmakers about the importance of early education. Instructors and staff members explained Career and Technical Education (CTE) and the academic pathways to a career in early care and education.

For Early Childhood Studies Instructor, Sharol Viker, it was important for her to share with legislators about what they can do support local communities when it comes to education.

“I wanted to ensure the arm that trains the early care and education field was represented at the Capitol and CWI was highlighted as a CTE and academic pathway,” Viker said. “CWI was the only college represented; the other agencies represented were focused on professional development hours and not academic units. I wanted to network with other state ECED agencies who could be potential partners for the College and CWI’s program in the future.”

Viker was able to speak directly with two legislators who she said spoke “very positive of quality care for young children and the support of the needed workforce.” Viker hopes to attend Early Learning Day at the State Capitol again next year and would like to schedule specific meetings with lawmakers.

For more information on CWI’s Early Childhood Education program, contact Doug Rapley at dougrapley@cwi.edu.

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