Don't Be Intimidated Into Unnecessary Auto Repairs

Published: October 9, 2012

I just stopped off to have the oil changed in my car and heard a long list of maintenance and repair work I should consider having done in the near future. The car is not that old and doesn’t have a lot of miles on it. I’m not convinced the work really needs to be done. Do I get a second opinion or bite the bullet and pay the shop to do the work?

Second opinions are always a good idea. Finding a trustworthy mechanic to give you the second opinion is the best idea. Research and basic auto knowledge also will serve you well. That’s why Better Business Bureau and CWI are offering Car Care 101 on Thursday, Oct. 18, in Nampa. It will be from 6 to 8 p.m. at the College of Western Idaho.

The conference will arm you with the knowledge to ask the right questions when talking to your mechanic. The instructors at CWI will pop the hood on the car and explain the basics. It’s a hands-on experience for all involved. Space is limited and the $15 registration is probably one of the best investments you can make in getting to know your vehicle. Visit or call 947-2107 to register.

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