Development on CWI’s New Brand Continues

Published: May 14, 2020

Work on College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) new brand is continuing along; however, we wanted to update everyone on an adjusted timeline and upcoming next steps.

Brand champions met in early March to participate in a new logo development overview meeting where they provided feedback to help further explore, develop, and refine logo candidates. This feedback helped provide direction for the logo options to be included in an upcoming survey. Currently, the logo options are under review for any potential trademark issues. Once we have clearance on the viable options, those identified will be included in the survey.

As a reminder, the survey will be distributed internally to all employees and students, as well as externally through CWI communication channels. Included in the survey will also be options for an updated and/or new color palette. Color is an integral part of a brand and will help identify our institutional brand identity. As we continue to move forward in developing a new brand and establishing our unique attributes, color will help set us apart from other institutions.

While logo development and the overall brand process is still moving forward, the current disruption everyone is experiencing, due to COVID-19, has caused delays in our original timeline. We apologize for the timing of the survey release being during the summer, however, we hope employees off contract and students will watch CWI’s channels for announcement of its release and participate in this feedback process. In addition, feel free to encourage those outside of CWI to participate in the survey as external feedback is also important.

Thank you for engaging in this process. We look forward to gathering feedback from all of you and the CWI community related to logo and color development. Feedback gathered from the survey will help us with further logo refinement and the overall brand process. Our team will continue to provide updates on this entire process.

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to reach out to Communications and Marketing at 208.562.2222 or Stay well, and stay mighty!

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