Cybersecurity Program Closer to Receiving Center of Academic Excellence Accreditation

Published: September 29, 2022

College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) Cybersecurity program is one step closer to receiving full Center of Academic Excellence Cyber Defense (CAE-CD) accreditation. The National CAE-CD informed the College its Associate of Applied Science in Cybersecurity has been validated through academic year 2027, which is the first phase of the accreditation process.

“This is exciting news,” said Dean Computer Science and Information Technology, Dr. Miguel Olivares. “Once we become accredited by CAE-CD, it will mean the program meets the standards set by the federal government to teach cybersecurity, and it will show others how high quality our program’s education is.”

The next step in the application process is for the College to review its Cybersecurity program to make sure it meets the needed requirements then apply for full CAE-CD accreditation.

The program must meet several requirements such as community outreach activities, how engaged the College’s instructors are in professional development of cybersecurity, students participation in cyber competitions, what types of cybersecurity policies and training the College has, does the program have transfer agreements, and if cybersecurity is taught in other programs.

“We are getting ready to launch many of the needed requirements or have launched them already, like our Cybersecurity Defense Center. The Center will be able to provide much of the interaction within our community and industries.”

The College has until the beginning of December to apply for full accreditation.

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