CWI’s Psi Beta Honor Society Earns National Recognition

Published: August 25, 2023

Congratulations to College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) Psi Beta Honor Society Chapter which has earned multiple national recognitions for the 2022-2023 academic year.

The Chapter Excellence Award is given to chapters that meet or exceed a minimum number of activities that engage student members in service, research, leadership, and scholarship. Few Psi Beta chapters have been awarded this distinction and it signifies the hard work and dedication of CWI’s students.

Under the guidance of Professor of Psychology Heather Schoenherr, the chapter's primary focus is on providing students with valuable research experience to enhance their competitiveness when transferring to universities or entering the workforce. Over the course of the last year, they conducted a series of research projects exploring the perception of psychology as a science and identifying predictors of psychological misconceptions.

The CWI chapter also prioritized engaging in leadership and collaboration training, actively participated in research conferences, hosted speakers to talk about different fields related to psychology, and spearheaded the College’s Giving Tree to bring gifts to children who are part of the CASA of Southwest Idaho program.

In addition to the Chapter Excellence Award, three exceptional CWI students were awarded the Student Research Award. Jensen Crary, Val Harris, and Andrew Sargent have been recognized for their exemplary work in high-impact practice of engaging in research through their Statistical Methods (PSYC 251) course led by Schoenherr, and Research Methods (PSYC 250) course led by Associate Professor of Psychology, Jana McCurdy. Each research project was presented at CWI’s Connections Project in Spring 2023.

Crary's research focused on the impact of attachment styles on stress, happiness, and friendship satisfaction among CWI students. Harris delved into the relationship between attachment styles, mental health variables, and interpersonal relationships, particularly relationship satisfaction and conflict. Sargent explored the link between mindfulness practices and stress and anxiety and served as a peer mentor for McCurdy’s Research Methods course.

Additionally, Harris and Sargent, along with CWI student, Savannah Werner, explored factors that predict psychology as a science and belief in psychological misconceptions. This research was part of the National Research Project hosted by Psi Beta involving schools from around the country contributing participant data to have a larger and more diverse sample. This research was presented at Psi Beta's National Research Summit and has been accepted for publication.

“The Psychology Program has been intentional in ensuring we provide curriculum and experiences to our students to ensure they are ready for transfer and the workforce,” Schoenherr said. “National recognition from these programs validates the experience students are gaining from our CWI Psychology program, builds students’ academic resumes, and brings students the acknowledgment they deserve for their hard work and dedication. I am incredibly proud of our Psi Beta members and what they have accomplished this past year.

For those interested in learning more about CWI’s Psi Beta Honor Society, please contact Heather Schoenherr at

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