CWI's Biology Club Takes Flight at World Center for Birds of Prey's Fall Event

Published: October 18, 2023

College of Western Idaho's (CWI) Biology Club recently explored the world of raptors at the World Center for Birds of Prey's popular Fall Flight event on Saturday, Oct. 14. Students, and Biology Instructor, Gary Heller, got the opportunity to witness awe-inspiring birds of prey in action and gain insights into vital conservation efforts.

Fall Flight Days, hosted by the World Center for Birds of Prey, is a popular annual event that celebrates the various species of birds of prey. During the event, these magnificent birds are allowed to take to the skies, captivating the audience with their aerial prowess. It's not just a spectacle, it's an educational experience. The event's hosts provide valuable information about the birds, their history, the challenges they face, and how the World Center for Birds of Prey contributes to their conservation.

The World Center for Birds of Prey is unique in that it doesn't limit its collection to native species and houses birds from various countries, including the impressive Harpy Eagle.

"For biology enthusiasts, like the members of CWI's Biology Club, understanding how human actions impact these birds is vital for devising strategies to protect and conserve them,” said Biology Club President, Elliot Johnson.

“I think the most beneficial thing about this event is the education about these birds,” said Biology Club Secretary, Cheylee Corle. “Those of us in Biology Club do care about all things biology, and knowing how humans have affected these birds can help with knowing how to protect and save them in the future.”

“Idaho is home to so many amazing raptors that are vital to our ecosystem, as well as most ecosystems around the world,” said Biology Club Vice President, Sierra Lee. “By doing outreach events like these, Birds of Prey are able to educate the public about how important the birds are and ways we preserve them whether it is by eliminating the use of pesticides or using lead-free ammunition.

This outing to the Fall Flight event marked a memorable experience for the Biology Club members. The event provided a unique educational experience, fostering a deeper understanding of the magnificent birds of prey and the need to protect them. This outing for the Club was not only about learning but also about building a stronger sense of community among biology enthusiasts. With plans for more events soon, the club is ready to promote education and conservation in the field of biology.

For more information about CWI's Biology Club, contact Gary Heller at

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