CWI Student Making Mark on Nampa Art Scene

Published: July 23, 2014

Amandalynn Lovewell is one of six people selected to participate in the first-ever Artist in Residency Program sponsored by the Nampa Art Collective. The six-month program intends to strengthen the life of downtown Nampa by occupying empty spaces and attracting people to nearby businesses, while providing visibility for the local arts community. For Lovewell, the benefits are even greater.

Lovewell is a Liberal Arts major at College of Western Idaho (CWI) with a passion for people and making personal connections with the subjects of her art. The Nampa resident is one semester shy of graduating, highly involved throughout the College’s Art Department, and a member of the CWI Art Club. Lovewell is also active-duty Army Reserves, in which she has been serving since 2010.

But as if that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she is now finding time to put her stamp on the local art community.

“I think the biggest part of this opportunity is getting daily exposure to other artists and to people in the community,” Lovewell says. “I love people, so having the opportunity to fellowship with other artists as well as people in the community is amazing.”

The program has provided Lovewell a tremendous platform for honing her craft. She is a self-described Expressionist Portraiture Artist with a creative ability for painting people as she interprets their inner beauty. She generally spends three days per week working in the Village Square Studio and participates in Nampa’s Second Friday Art Walk Series.

“The Artist in Residency Program opportunity has made me feel like a real artist. I have more determination because I know I can do it now, and I have tremendous hope for the future.”

Lovewell says the entire experience is positioning her to reach her long term goals. She is planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree after CWI and says a doctorate isn’t out of the question.

“Art provides such a powerful connection for people. I want to harness that through either teaching high school art or connecting art to faith through art ministry.”

Regardless of which direction her journey takes her, Lovewell knows experiences like the Artist in Residency Program and her time at CWI are preparing her to continue connecting with people through art.

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