CWI Introduces Ionization Technology on Campus

Published: January 7, 2021

With the impact of COVID-19, providing a safe environment for students, faculty and staff has been a top priority at College of Western Idaho (CWI). As science has raced to address vaccines, additional technologies have been identified and developed to further mitigate the spread of the virus. One such technologies is the use of ionization to improve the air quality in occupied spaces. While not an entirely new technology, studies and testing have demonstrated ionization can and does effectively mitigate the coronavirus in an occupied environment. Recent implementation of this technology has been seen in the airline industry both within aircrafts and in terminals as well as in buildings including public schools.

At beginning of the pandemic, CWI immediately took action to address building air quality by implementing higher rates of air exchanges to bring in more outside air as well as implementation of higher filter-efficiency ratings wherever possible. While these actions have been effective, the introduction of ionization technology into air systems in campus buildings is an additional step to further improve the safety of occupants.

Utilizing CARES Act funding, CWI will be introducing ionization into five of the College’s buildings:

Installation will begin immediately and is expected to create little to no disruption. Once installed, these systems will further augment the College’s previous work to help control the spread of COVID-19 and further improve the overall air quality in these buildings. Implementation of this technology in additional buildings on campus will be evaluated at a later date. Installation is expected to conclude the first week of February.

Please note, introduction of ionization will not change the College’s operational direction related to COVID-19, including alternative course delivery options for students, remote work for employees until further notice, and current safety protocols of face coverings, physical distancing, etc. while on campus.

Contact Facilities Planning and Management at with questions or concerns.

Ionization System Global Plasma Brochure
Video: How it Works

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