CWI Foundation Announces Wishing Well Fund Recipients

Published: November 20, 2015

The College of Western Idaho (CWI) Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Wishing Well Fund. On Monday, Nov. 16, the Foundation’s “wish granting team” personally delivered the good news to this year’s awardees. Out of the 11 applications submitted for consideration, the following six applicants were approved for funding by the Foundation’s Scholarships and Grants Committee.

3D Printer (submitted by Rob Green) – $1,000 to purchase parts and materials to build a 3D printer. Drafting Technology Program Chair, Rob Green says this printer is a huge step for Drafting Technology students because it will allow them to show off their work. Not only will they be able to build what they design, they will also be able to take their designs and put them online. Green also gave his students credit for helping him put together the proposal for this award.

Intuous Pen and Tablet (submitted by Hollie Leavitt) – $430.18 to purchase an Intuous Pen and Tablet. Assistant Professor of Biology, Hollie Leavitt, who teaches the majority of her classes online, will use this technology to create Kahn Academy-style videos that will help her teach flip class anatomy and physiology courses.

Choking Victim Manikins (submitted by Dana Hoyer) – $1,292 to purchase three manikins; two Choking Charlie, one child. Emergency Medical Program Coordinator, Dana Hoyer says, “Every time we get new equipment for our program, it’s a great thing. Having a variety of manikins gives our students priceless exposure in working on different sized people; which is something that would happen in the real world.”

Plant Identification Signs (submitted by Dusty Perkins) – $1,116 to purchase plant identification signs for the Native Plant Garden located at the Nampa Campus Academic Building. Assistant Professor of Biology, Dusty Perkins says the garden, which is a hands-on learning lab for students, is important because it helps students with visual plant identification. They are also using it to study cellular biology by mapping native plant genetics through their DNA.

Projection System (submitted by Mike Scuka) – $1,400 to purchase equipment to project circuit schematics and electronic equipment hookups. Assistant Professor of Electronics Technology, Mike Scuka says the up-close display will take the guesswork out of what students are able to see in class. “The way it is now, they are left to wonder what I am working on. This will show them exactly what I am working on,” he said.

International Day Support (submitted by Goran Fazil) – $300 to help pay for musical performers and food vendors at CWI’s International Day on Dec. 10. “This means we will have a great festival,” said Art Instructor Goran Fazil. “We have already had some expenses and we were going to pay for them on our own. Thank you so much.”

The Wishing Well Fund is supported by generous contributions from CWI employees, community supporters, and businesses. For more information or to sign up for employee payroll deduction, please contact the CWI Foundation office at 208.562.3100 or

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