Criminal Justice Students Tour Juvenile Corrections Facility

Published: April 22, 2022

Students in Criminal Justice Instructor, Chris Cozzolino’s, Criminology (CRIJ 270) and Victimology (CRIJ 280) classes at College of Western Idaho (CWI) had the opportunity this semester to see first-hand how juveniles in Canyon County are living, learning, and working toward release and reintegration into the community during a tour of the Juvenile Corrections Center in Nampa.

Students were impressed with the living conditions, treatment programs, and caring staff at the facility.

“The tour was super interesting,” said student, Benjamin St. Michell. “I didn't know we sent kids all over the state for different programs. I was impressed with the rehabilitation they offer and surprised by how the environment felt – it didn't feel like a jail but more like a school. I can tell the staff wanted to treat the kids less like criminals and more like kids while also holding them accountable for the crimes they committed."

“The Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections implements a trauma-based approach to helping reform incarcerated youth,” said Cozzolino. “As we discuss in class, many offenders are also victims. Addressing the reasons behind their offenses is a great starting point for change.”

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