Cobb Named Faculty of Distinction for January

Published: February 18, 2022

Congratulations to Hilary Cobb, College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) Faculty of Distinction for January 2022. Cobb is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in practice since completing a master’s degree at Boise State University in 2008. Four semesters ago, she was hired as Adjunct Faculty at CWI to teach Social Work courses.

“I have worked in many different systems such as corrections, child welfare, schools, and outpatient therapy,” said Cobb. “I found I enjoy teaching and mentoring new workers and shifted into teaching and training four years ago. I love integrating my 11+ years of direct practice with research and best practices to make the art of social work come alive for students.”

Students are at the heart of everything Cobb does.

“It can be difficult to put into words what a joy teaching is and why I do it every semester. I love being a social worker and having the opportunity to share and educate students about topics that impact everyone – domestic violence, substance use disorder, homelessness, etc. It is so rewarding. Each semester, my students use what they learn and create amazing tools and presentations designed to increase knowledge and understanding of these complex topics. Regardless of their major, they often say how helpful it was to understand social work-related issues. I have yet to have a semester where I'm not moved to tears by the discussions, reflections and passion for helping others that my students display. That excitement and growth from students who maybe had no idea of what social work and welfare was at the beginning of the semester is why I teach.”

“Hilary is a dependable, reliable, and valued member of the Social Sciences department,” said Department Chair, Jana McCurdy. "Her course materials are well-organized emphasizing student engagement and application. She teaches in a way that is clear and understandable to her students, allowing them to learn theory and apply what they are taught. Hilary is thoughtful, wise, articulate, and professional. I appreciate her dedication and ability to work well with a team.”

“CWI is a really fantastic place,” said Cobb. “I am consistently moved by the beauty of perseverance in our students, staff, and leadership. I love our team. We all work so well together to support each other and our students. Our leadership is connected and compassionate which, I think, creates an educational climate of warmth and support. CWI empowers students to grow into engaged, connected, vocal community members aware of social issues around them and gives them tools to create positive change. I am so inspired and humbled by my students in their pursuit to get an education.”

Cobb has lived in Idaho for 20 years, is married, and has two kids and two rescue dogs. She loves camping, running, reading, binging Netflix shows, and drinking way too much coffee. She is also currently working on her doctorate in social work.

“I am a student, too! Just like my students, most of my free time is spent doing homework.”

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