On-Campus Filming for Next Steps Idaho

Published: September 10, 2020

Next Steps Idaho, an initiative of the State Board of Education and partnership with Idaho’s employers, helps individuals understand and pursue education and career opportunities. As part of this, Next Steps Idaho is leading an effort to film virtual tours of all public, higher education institutions in the state, including College of Western Idaho (CWI), to benefit prospective students wishing to check out our campus and the services we offer.

Film crews will be on the CWI campus September 14 and 15. Filming will include both photography and 360° video recording. Active filming areas will be clearly marked and announced to those nearby for easy identification. Individuals, including students, who remain in these areas during filming grant the College permission to release, publish, or reproduce any of the photos and footage acquired. Those wishing not to be photographed or filmed are asked to notify the filming crew or temporarily transition to a different area until filming concludes.

Virtual tour videos will be available on the Next Steps Idaho website beginning in October. Please contact Luis Caloca at luiscaloca@cwi.edu or 208.562.3396 for any questions or concerns.

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