Breaking Chains Academy Provides Hope

Published: November 20, 2020

Students listened as Luis Granados described a Pythagorean triangle when a group of visitors arrived in his classroom at Breaking Chains Academy of Development in Nampa.

Granados, Executive Director of the organization helping youth break the chains of gang violence and provide educational opportunities; surprised by the visit, took a step back from the whiteboard and greeted the guests.

Nampa City Council member, Jean Mutchie, highlighted the life-changing work being done at Breaking Chains Academy and introduced Patrick Tanner, College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) Assistant Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services, who presented Granados with a full-ride scholarship to the College for a year. The sound of clapping filled the room as students and visitors celebrated the announcement.

“It’s an honor to further my education, not only to effectively run our organization, but also to set the bar for the youth we have here,” said Granados. “People say, ‘you can’t be what you can’t see,’ so when they’re finally able to see someone from their neighborhood who looks like them, talks like them, and knows their family attending College, that bar gets set higher and they realize they can achieve it.”

CWI is a resource for students and is pleased to assist in their continued education.

“He is often the very inspiration that his students need,” said Tanner. “This is why we at CWI are so pleased to support Luis and the students. While they may have faced some tough circumstances in the past, they are committed to being a part of a new community of leaders in the Treasure Valley.”

In addition to Mutchie and Tanner, Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling; Nampa Council member, Victor Rodriguez; and Nampa Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Mitch Minnette, were in attendance along with a videographer from Idaho Public Television – working on a documentary of the organization.

”I have big dreams for these guys. I have big dreams for the school – dreams of expanding growing adding services; adding longer education hours to support teenagers who work during the day to support their parents and grandparents,” Granados added. “I’m just dreaming big; I dream big not just for the school, but for the community to build bridges.”

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