2021 Connections Project Logo Reveal

Published: January 29, 2021

Congratulations to Matias Haramoto-Pete, winner of College of Western Idaho’s 2021 Connections Project Logo Contest! Haramoto-Pete's logo submission was chosen out of over 30 entries earning him the $150 prize. His design was chosen for its emphasis on an individual’s journey toward their future. The new logo will be featured in all upcoming Connections Project marketing for 2021.

“Creating art is something I am passionate about,” said Haramoto-Pete. "I didn't think I would be good in art classes because of the type of art we were learning. Sticking to what I knew. in addition to learning new techniques. has pushed me to try different perspective, stop doubting my abilities, and be better. Winning the logo competition has really made me feel like I have a place at CWI, and I can be successful in college.”

The inspiration for Haramoto-Pete's design was connection which is represented with a hand surrounded by various icons.

“For me, our hands are our biggest connection. They connect us to objects and people. In my design, the hand is connected to different symbols representing the connections each of us has available to us.”

Once his design was chosen, Haramoto-Pete was given the opportunity to work Cody Sprague, a Graphic Designer in the College’s College Relations Division. Development included updating icons to relate to education and the addition of an abstract compass icon representing areas of study and guidance available at the College.

Karen Brown, Assistant Professor of Art History and Humanities, helped create the Connections Project logo design competition three years ago. Brown shared this method of choosing a logo “provides a way for students to gain experience and understanding of how marketing works at the College, in addition to some of the complexities of designing a logo and presenting it to the public”.

The logo selection process begins when student submissions are sent through an anonymous jurying process. The jurors consist of members of the Connections Project team including staff, faculty, and students. Once members have chosen their top three or four entries, these votes are pooled together to determine the finalists. The Connections Project team then collaborates with the College’s Relations Creative Team to choose the most viable image.

The Connections Project logo contest provides the opportunity for students, like Haramoto-Pete, to shepherd their design from the initial stages, to a product that will appear on ephemeral objects such as the webpage, as well more permanent ones like posters, programs, and t-shirts. Keep an eye out for future updates regarding this year’s Connections Project.

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