2020 GEM Awards for Excellence

Published: September 3, 2020

Recognized among the best in their respective disciplines, College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) General Education Subcommittee is pleased to announce the nominees of this year’s General Education Matriculation (GEM) Awards for Excellence.

Criteria for this inaugural award include:

  • Exemplary teaching
  • Creativity in course design or implementation
  • Excellence in translating disciplinary methods of inquiry to non-majors
  • Delivery of instruction that improves access and affordability (e.g., OER, dual credit, incorporation of PLA methods, reduction of special course fees, and/or co-requisite integration
  • Service to our General Education program at CWI and the state

2020 GEM Awards for Excellence Nominees:

  • Liza Long
    GEM 1: Written Communication
  • Johnny Rowing
    GEM 2: Oral Communication
  • Kristin Cook
    GEM 3: Mathematical Way of Knowing
  • Rebecca Flock
    GEM 4: Scientific Way of Knowing
  • Joel Gladd
    GEM 5: Humanistic and Artistic Way of Knowing
  • Michelle Fellows
    GEM 6: Social and Behavior Way of Knowing

Nominees will now go on to compete for the Statewide GEM Awards which will take place in October. Congratulations to each of the recipients for you excellent teaching and for going above and beyond for students at CWI!

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