Updates to the CWI Image Library

Published: September 14, 2023

Communications and Marketing has some great news to share. There are new photos in our image library and they are easier to find.

To access the CWI Image Library visit myCWI → Employee Resources → Communications & Marketing → Resources → Quick Links → Access CWI Photos. That will take you to a PDF with the login information and helpful information on using the photo library.

Once in the image library, use the advanced search with ‘CWI Stock Photo’ in the description field should allow you to access lots of options, including web-quality photos with new-brand students interacting. There are groups of students as well as individual students. If you are still not finding what you need, please reach out to Morriah Marks, at morriahmarks@cwi.edu or 208.562.3238, who will work with you on a more detailed search to get the images you need.

Below are some improvements made from feedback that was received.

  • There aren’t enough high-quality photos in the image library. 

    • It is easier to find high-quality photos in the library (and Communications and Marketing will continue to add more). The easiest way to search for them is by using the Advanced Search. From there, to do a deeper search, type “CWI Stock Photo” in the description. You can take it a step further and utilize the keyword search from the drop-down menu of existing keywords to narrow your selection.

      • Please note, the system does not support multiple keyword searches. It will support a keyword containing multiple words such as “looking at camera” but it does not support “looking at camera” AND “computer.”

  • There are so many photos in the library that are not branded.  

    • There is a mix of photos with and without our logo and colors. It’s good to have a variety of photos that can apply to many uses.

  • There are photos of the original brand.

    • If you come across photos with the original brand, contact Morriah Marks, at morriahmarks@cwi.edu or 208.562.3238, with photo details and she will remove them. Communications and Marketing has gone through more than 100K photos since the rebrand to update available options.

      • Please note, having photos with the original brand archived in CWI’s records is still important for historical references. While the photos will not be shown in the CWI Photo Library, Communications and Marketing will still maintain access to these photos.

  • I can’t find photos in Marq.

    • Communications and Marketing worked with IT and fixed the glitch so the photo library is re-integrated with Marq again.

  • I have photos I want to add to the CWI Image Library.

    • Great! There are some guidelines to follow for adding photos to the CWI Image Library. Contact Morriah Marks, at morriahmarks@cwi.edu or 208.562.3238, to learn more.

Communications and Marketing welcomes feedback and is looking forward to adding more assets.

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