Tech Talk: H Drive and Office365 Update

Published: February 6, 2015

The College of Western Idaho (CWI) Information Technology (IT) Department presents this series of Bert’s Alerts articles intended to share updates at CWI as well as relevant technology topics.

What the H:\?
What is the H:\ drive that is seen listed in Windows Explorer? It is network storage assigned to employees and is the preferred storage location for all documents created at CWI. Why is H:\ preferred?

  • It’s safe; it’s backed up every night. Data stored on H:\ can be restored. On the other hand, if work is saved to “My Documents” and a computer’s hard drive fails, it’s possible all work could be lost.
  • It’s available at any CWI computer, anywhere on campus.
  • Information on H:\ can be restored easily.
  • With an increase in phishing emails, more people are clicking on links that load malware on computers. If that happens, the malware could make it hard to retrieve data from the hard drive.
  • If a laptop is lost or misplaced and all the data has been saved to the H:\ drive, CWI’s data is secure and the employee is not liable for the potential loss of information.

The migration to Office365 is right around the corner. IT has completed extensive testing to ensure this migration will go smoothly for all staff and faculty.

The migration will begin Monday, Feb. 16, and will continue each night until all email boxes have been migrated to the new environment.  Employees should look for an email with more details the day of their account migration, what to expect the day of migration and some information on new things to explore with Office365. Help Desk staff will be available to provide any assistance with individual email profiles.

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