Show the Love Leave Bank Drive Kicks-Off

Published: January 31, 2014

During the month of February, the College of Western Idaho (CWI) Staff Senate and Human Resources (HR) Department are teaming up for a Show the Love Employee Leave Bank Drive. CWI’s Vacation Leave Donation Program was created to allow employees to donate vacation or personal leave to be used by colleagues who have exhausted their own leave balances and will otherwise be without pay during an approved leave of absence. Unfortunately, the CWI Employee Leave Bank is almost empty and is in need of donations.

Each day, CWI employees accrue leave time to be used for sick days or planned vacation. But when unexpected circumstances occur – like extended personal illness, an injured spouse, or sick child – those leave balances can disappear quickly. However, the need for a full paycheck doesn’t go away. Staff Senate and HR are hoping the Show the Love campaign will help replenish the leave bank and fill the void.

Throughout February, posters, Bert’s Alerts articles, and friendly reminders will be circulating to help communicate the need for donations. In return, employees who donate will receive a small thank you from HR and Staff Senate.

As a reminder, only staff are able to donate vacation leave and must donate at least eight hours if contributing to the bank. After donating, employees must have a remaining balance of at least 80 hours of vacation time. More information on the Vacation Leave Donation Program can be found on myCWI under Faculty Staff Resources > Human Resources > Benefits. Please direct all questions about donating to Maricela Davenport in HR at 208.562.3188.

Celebrate February 2014 by Showing the Love!

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