September 21-Day Challenge Results

Published: October 9, 2020

Thank you to all who participated in September’s Walk into Fall 21-day challenge! A total of 3,877 miles were walked between Sept. 1 and 21 by 63 participants. Congratulations to the top mileage winner, Kristin Cook, who walked a total of 197 miles!

Walk into Fall 21-Day Challenge Results:

  • Top Mileage Winners
    • Prizes include a hip belt for runners/walkers and set of LED reflective clip on lights.
      • Kristin Cook, 197 miles
      • Dave McEwen, 171.32 miles
  • Participant Prize Drawing Winners
    • Set of reflective lights:
      • Morriah Marks 
    • Hip Belt for runners/walkers:
      • Maggie Saye 
      • Heather Schoenherr 
      • Jorene Batali S
      • Shannon Grimsley 
      • Tennly Paul-Bowden 
      • Susan Kodesh 
      • Courtney Santillan 
      • Ted Daniels 
      • Erica Compton 
      • Diana Rhinehart 
    •  Coupon for free juice or smoothie at Tree City Juice and Smoothie Café:
      • Cathy Carson 
      • Tenisha Eastman 
      • Bibiana Ramirez 
      • Heather Grayson 
      • Liz Otterness 
      • Stacy Hardy 
      • Carol Crothers 
      • Sara Matson 
      • Juliet Gibson 
      • John Shaskus 

­“I enjoyed being able to reflect on how much I'm moving my body throughout the day prior to hitting the gym,” said Assessment and Testing Specialist, Maggie Saye. “I became a lot more consistent in taking daily walks during the work day which in turn also greatly helps my mental health as well as my productivity while in office.” 

“This challenge motivated me to get back in the habit of walking throughout the day," said Jordan Mendoza, Senior Research Analyst in Institutional Effectiveness. “When working from home, it's so easy to do the dishes or start a load of laundry during breaks. This challenge gave me a reason to prioritize exercise over chores; so, thank you!”

The October Mindfulness and Yoga Challenge is underway. Visit the Culture and Employee Engagement Committee site on myCWI for all the details on this month’s challenge and to get involved!

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