Run, Hide, Fight Procedure Introduced

Published: May 16, 2014

As part of ongoing efforts to provide a safe campus, College of Western Idaho (CWI) has adopted a procedure for responding to an active shooter situation. This “Run, Hide, Fight” procedure should be utilized as a guideline for CWI students, faculty, staff, and visitors who may become involved in an active shooter situation. Although this is not a likely scenario, CWI strongly believes in preparation and training to help people react to dangerous situations.

The CWI safety teams have worked closely with local law enforcement, and have received approval from President’s Cabinet and the Board of Trustees to implement this procedure. Each employee is asked to view the training module that can be accessed via the link below. The training module contains a 10-minute video and the procedure, which will continue to be available on myCWI. Please note that the video shows a simulation of an active shooter situation that may be upsetting to some people. Employees are encouraged to talk with their manager about details that may apply to different locations or situations. 

View the Run Hide Fight module.

Anyone who has trouble accessing the module, please contact Victor Villanueva, Environmental Safety and Health Coordinator, at 208.562.3241 or

Additional information, more directly related to the classroom setting, will be released soon to faculty.

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