October 21-Day Challenge Results

Published: November 13, 2020

Thank you to all who participated in October’s Mindfulness and Yoga 21-day challenge! Forty-two of our participants submitted their results totaling 651 days of mindfulness and yoga practices completed!  

Mindfulness and Yoga Winners

Prize Package Winners:
Participants who completed a mindfulness or yoga during each of the 21 days of the challenge were entered to win a prize package including a yoga mat, towel, blocks, straps and more.

  • Savanha Rodriguez
  • Piper Skoglund

Participation Prize Winners:
Participants who completed a minimum of 10 days of mindfulness or yoga were entered to win a participation prize which includes a mindfulness coloring book and coupon for free juice or smoothie at Tree City Juice and Smoothie Café.

  • Deidra Bowman 
  • Jan Hanson 
  • Sitlaly Escamilla 
  • Josee Ward 
  • Allison Molitor 
  • Liz Otterness 
  • Valerie Lee 
  • Chad Trisler 
  • Victor Villanueva 
  • Veronica Van Ry 

Read what people are saying about October’s Mindfulness and Yoga Challenge

“I had always wanted to try yoga and meditation but just never took the chance to actually start,” said Lab Materials Specialist, Savanha Rodriguez. “This challenge helped me ease into mindfulness, and I appreciate that! I did more breathing exercises and meditation sessions than I did yoga, but in this experience, I learned how just taking 10 minutes can really help put you in a better mood! Moving forward, I'm going to continue to start my day with 10 minutes of mindfulness. It really has helped my outlook and mood throughout the rest of the day!”

“It was a great reminder to be mindful,” said Dean of Students, Chad Trisler. “It pushed me to find time when I could take a few minutes to focus, to reflect, and to examine myself and my thoughts.”

"It helped being a part of a mindfulness group online,” said Basic Skills Education Teacher, Joanne Matibag. “Thank you for providing this to CWI employees and caring about our health.

“It was great! I've used meditation and yoga both in the past, but it was really wonderful to return to it is a daily practice,” said Director of Advising, Allison Molitor. “I appreciated the 10-minute timeframe because it made it easy to fit in on some of my busier days. I am continuing the practice and found that the short breaks made me more mindful for the rest of the day as well. Thanks for putting it together!

“This challenge was a good reminder to stop and smell the roses,” said Assessment and Testing Specialist, Maggie Saye. “It made me realize that only 10 minutes of intentional mindfulness a day has numerous benefits. Each day I leaned into my practice, I felt calmer, less anxious, and more present with myself and those around me.”\

November's Goodnight Challenge

The November Goodnight Challenge is underway. Visit the Culture and Employee Engagement Committee site on myCWI for all the details on this month’s challenge and to get involved! 

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