New Cards Promote Gratitude

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November 20, 2015

The College of Western Idaho (CWI) Culture and Employee Engagement Committee (CEEC) is happy to announce thank you cards are available to help promote an atmosphere of gratitude at CWI. Whether it is a peer, supervisor, or employee; acts of appreciation make people feel good and reinforce how much they are valued. With that thought in mind, each building at CWI has been stocked with “I’m thankful for you because…” note cards that employees can use to fill out and share with anyone seen going the extra mile.

Thank you cards can be found at each break room, common area, and administrative assistant’s desk. For convenience, there is also an electronic version that can be sent via email. The electronic copy can be found on myCWI on the Culture and Employee Engagement committee’s site.

The CEEC is asking employees to spread the word about this initiative and help give thanks for all the hard working people at CWI.