Let’s Get Started — Something New or Something Big

Published: March 17, 2023

College of Western Idaho (CWI) is excited to share the launch of its new marketing campaign, “Let’s Get Started,” with the CWI community. This campaign aims to grab the attention of potential students; students who are starting out, starting over, or starting something big. The campaign also intends to generate awareness for the opportunities CWI provides and drive enrollment.

Let’s Get Started is the evolution of Go Bold and elevates the College’s fearless spirit to a new level. The journey to a new campaign started with investing in research to better understand purpose and positioning.

Through the research journey, CWI identified its audience’s biggest challenge, beyond cost and time, is to overcome ‘self-doubt’ and believe they can attend college. From there a strategy was developed followed by creative, which sets this campaign apart.

CWI’s key insights in this groundwork helped the College understand the hardest part for our students is choosing to go to college. The “Let’s Get Started” campaign speaks directly with our students, provides them with the encouragement they need to start college, and reassures them of the support they will find at CWI.

Fall 2023 Campaign Fact Sheet

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