Grants and Program Funding Support

Published: July 24, 2015

As College of Western Idaho (CWI) continues to grow and expand the need for funds to support programs and students also increases. All grants and funding requests to outside entities must go through the CWI Grant Process.

CWI has established a Grants Committee to aid in the process of identifying needs and funding opportunities to support the College. This committee is comprised of members from multiple departments throughout the College (see details on myCWI) who meet once a month to review grant opportunities and needs. The CWI Advancement Department has resources and is the point of contact for all grant submissions and reporting on behalf of the College and the CWI Foundation. If you haven’t met Rena McKean, Project Manager for Grants and Annual Funds, rest assured that she is working every day to find, apply, and secure funding to support CWI. 

Faculty and staff should contact one of the Grant Committee representatives or Rena McKean with funding needs that have a potential for grant or donor support. Rena can assist you through the process and make sure that CWI’s guidelines are being followed. By contacting her, you are giving yourself the smoothest and best possible avenue to get your request approved and hopefully funded.

Details on the Grant Process and Committee Membership can be viewed on myCWI under College Resources/Foundation and Alumni/Grants Office. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Rena McKean at 208.562.3182 or email

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