Data Governance Committee Launches CWI Enterprise Data Catalog

Published: October 7, 2021

College of Western Idaho (CWI) has a new resource to help understand and interpret the institution’s data. Beginning Oct. 8, 2021, all faculty and staff will have access to the Data Governance Committee’s Enterprise Data Catalog located on myCWI.

A data catalog describes data in business terms and includes other information needed to better understand and use data. CWI's Data Catalog contains terminology found in CWI Enterprise Data Warehouse data marts, reports sourcing these data marts, and other information documents. As a report consumer, this data catalog will serve as a resource to better understand the report content and also help identify information you may need in a future data request. 

Taking an iterative agile approach, the Data Governance Committee has defined an initial 35 definitions for institution-wide use. The committee will continue to meet monthly to define terminology, business rules and purpose, and technical information to increase the content of the Data Catalog and Enterprise Data Warehouse. 

Charted by the Executive Operations Team on Aug. 10, 2020, the Data Governance Committee began holding monthly, one-hour meetings on Oct. 6, 2020. One of the chartered deliverables is to develop institutional definitions for an Enterprise Data Catalog. For more information about the Data Governance Committee, please visit the Data Governance Committee page on myCWI.

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